Body scrubbing

Body Treatment

We aim to reduce tension and relieve the negative effect of everyday stress. Restore your overal sense of well-being by enjoying our professional massages. We are offer the following specialized services : alleviate their pain, and help them heal faster.Choose relaxation massage, by laying on of hand and is based on ancient & cultural healing practices to balance & relieve stress making you feel better.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Tension Relief


 Back, shoulders and neck where most people hold tension. Our therapist will
further focus on the arears that require more attention with the aim of bringing releif to tense or sore muscles.

Lower Back & Hip Tension relief


 Lower back pain has been most fre-quently linked to hypermobility, which
simply means that your lower back arear moves in a contradictory way to the rest of your spines. Therapeutic muscles stretching , combine with heat on acupressure point and massage manipulation will benifit to relax and release strain muscle.

Foot reflexology


Reflexology is a spa treatment where the therapist works on “relax points” on
your feet. Stimulating those points with finger pressure promotes health in those argans and glands via body’s energetic pathways.

Full Leg relax


 High-intensity effort while you keep exploring the world heritage monu-ments. Lactic acid changes level of pH that causes muscle fibers no longer responsive stimulation, therefore you need to relax and let our therapists diffuse and soothe the muscular stress and tension away.

Traditional Khmer massage

60min-USD14|90min-USD18| 120min-USD22

Experience yourself in a traditional Khmer massage way of therapeutic work called “ Chab Tror sai “ This ancient massage art combine both invigorating technique which expels stagnant “chronic pain” and activates energy flow,which sedative techniques to calm and relax, restoring the proper balance of circulatin to the body.

Khmer Hot Herbal Compress 90min-USD25|120min-USD30

 The traditional steamed poulice massage from “Kru Khmer” “herbalist” helps to relieve strss as well as to address chronic problems, such as back pain and stiff muscles- leave your skin soft and smooth.

Traditional Thai Massage

60min-USD14|90min-USD18| 120min-USD22

 The deep full-body treatment that is both stimulating and relaxing. Pressure–point massage along the body’s ten major energy Channels , “SEN LINE” releases blocked energy, increasing awareness and vitality.

Aromatherapy Massage

60min-USD18|90min-USD22| 120min-USD264

 Experience the ancient art of combining the sense of essential oil with a light pressure gliding infuse with Swedish massage techniques. This soothing and gentle massage allows the healing properties of these natural oils to penetrate into the skin,leaving
you relaxed well-being.

Swedish Massage

60min-USD18|90min-USD22| 120min-USD26

 Combine the “five classical” massagemovements like effleurage, petrissage, rhythmic taping, friction and vibration, work on stimulating the flow of circulation and break down tension from muscular strain. The strokes of the massage relax individual
muscles, while the overall experience eliminates mental stress.

Deep Tissue Massage

60min-USD19|90min-USD24| 120min-USD28

 Long stroke of Effleurage combine with kneading and pressure point, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in healing and releasing in chronic muscles tension.

Aromatic Hot Stone Massage Therapy


Reach the height of relaxation with our aromatic hot stone massage, where a
combination of heated volcanic stone and warm massage oil are applied to massage the whole body at the deep muscle level. This signature treatment is found to release tension, promote circulation, compat nervous fatigue and create a positive energy flow in the body. This hot stone massage is an experience that everyone should try.

Warm Oil Massage therapy

60min-USD19|90min-USD24| 120min-USD29

 A great reward for a special occasion. Our warm oil massage is similar to a regular aromatherapy oil massage, which utilizes essential oils from plants, leave, and flower to massage on pressure points of the body. Yet the heated warm oil lets our guests immerse themselves in the feeling of total relaxation just moment after the
oil is rubbedon the body as the heated oil helps soften and the muscles tissues.

Relaxing Warm Oil with Ongkun

60min-USD20|90min-USD26| 120min-USD30

 The experience of rejuvenation that relieves fatigue aches and pain in the body.Our therapist will perform a massage by taking your Elemental nature into account by utilizing multiple massage styles including Swedish, Deep Tissue and reflexology to re-establish balance.

Four Hand Massage

60min- USD22|90min-USD27| 120min-USD33

 Two specially trained massage therapists use their four hands with customized pressure and choreographed rhythmic movements to induce maximum muscle relief and relaxa-tion. Four Hand Massage is a full body massage, includes hypnotics scalp massage foot reflexology massage. As the therapists give their utmost care and attention, you will feel double the benefit, from the extra therapy and extra pair of hand in this one hour
session. It gose beyond indulgence, giving you the health benefits such as increase circulation and flex-ibility, relax nervous systems, reduce anxiety and receive feeling of complete peace.

Body scrubbing

Body Scrub Treatment

Activate and rejuvenate, refreshing your four element- cleanse – smooth – regenerate radiant growth skin.Healthy skin is the healthy soul reflection.

Traditional Khmer Herbal Scrub 60min|USD14

Mineral salt soak with coconut oil combine with traditional khmer herbal of turmaric and honey,this formulation is excellent for removing dead skins cells and promoting cells regeneration. Feel refreshing and rehydrating and smooth.

Jasmin body Rice Scrub


Rejuvenating combination of moringa, jasmine rice and coconut oil work gently yet effectively in deep cleansing and exfoliating to stimulate skin cell renewal and heal dry-sun burn skin.

Detoxifying body Scrub


A mixture of organic sea salt, lemon, coffee & coconut oil. This refreshing mix provides antioxidants to detoxify and reduce the appearance of cellulite while hydrating and revitalizing aging skin.

Orgainc Coconut body Scrub


This rich natural scrub was specially formulated to nourish and refresh very dry skin.Dead skin cells are remove, pores shrink and the skin is moisturized. Your newer and brighter skin emerges after a scrub with this fusion of soft-textured of natural Khmer coconut, sea salt, coconut oil and honey.

Brown Sugar Scrub


Ideal for normal to oily skin, this exfoliating scrub will leav your body looking radiant. A combination coconut oil in fine sugar beads remove toxins from your skins and gets rid of all the dead skin cells.

Body wrap treatment

Body Wrap Treatment

Remedial Organic Body treatments are essentially for your whole body and leave your skin feeling velvety smooth and soft. Our Body Wrap Treatment start encourage with body polish to cleanse and exfoliate, then follow by your selection appropriate body mask that benefit Detoxify / Hydrating and Nourishment/ Reduce Cellulite / Stimulate metabolic system for weight reduction / Improve skin tone and beautify the skin.

Mango Body Wrab


A superior exfoliation immersed in tropical flavors. You will get the added benefit of rejuvenate, hydrade, lighter skin , and help break dead cells, softening them for youthful skin. in the areas that have been pigmented because of sun or age. Help to unclog pores. Filed with Vitamins A, C, and B.

Traditional Khmer herbal body Wrab 60min|USD14

A healing of herbal organic, turmeric, ginger and honey paste are included in this traditional Khmer medicated wrap. Rich with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory
properties, this will soothe muscular aches & pains, arthritis, rheumatism, improve blood circulation and clear stagnation; and leaving skin silky soft,completing with relaxing scalp and neck massage.

Soothing body wrab


Using natural Aloe Vera to provide intense nourishment, calming sun burn and replenish of environmentally damaged and neglected skin.This body wrap includes a luxurious scalp and neck massage.

Organic Coconut Body Wrab


This treatment makes skin radiant with health and soft to the touch. A coconut
body wrab provides nourishment for restoring and rehydrating skin while
making it silky and smooth. Addition ingredients – coconut oil, Honey and sticky
rice powder-replenish dry skin and give it a glowing skin.

organic facial


The treatment start with cleansing, exfoliating, relaxing face massage and remedial organic botanical face masque. Our remedial organic face treatment always begin a choice of relaxing head and neck massage. Great way to regenerate radiant skin glow and harmonization the inner flow.

Organic Face treatment


A natural beauty face mask, customized fresh cucumber and milk, the treatment aimsfor moisturizing, softening and relieving irritation & redness. Vitamin has antioxidant that help to block free radicals and tone the skin. A slice of cucumber on eye area helps to reduce and smooth dark eye circle.

Organic Cleansing Face massage 60min|USD15

Rejuvenate your skin by nourishing and exfoliating with yogurt, honey, and oatmeal to get that gorgeous, youthful glow. Honey has potent moisturizing and hydrating properties that promote smooth, supple skin. Oatmeal is an absorbent that sucks out all the bad oil that clogs pores hence preventing acne and blackheads.

Organic Hydrating Face Massage 60min|USD15

Indulge in fresh Mango! is rich in amino acids, vitamin C and E, flavonoids, beta carotene, niacin, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and has been proven to
be a potent and beneficial factor when attempting to achieve beautiful youthful skin; a great way to pamper your face to get a radiant glow and hydrating skin.

Organic Nourishing Face Massage. 60min|USD15

Organic Moringa face mask to nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate matured dry skin, and restoring the vitality and youthful complexion. Anti aging treatment. This is an excellent tone & anti wrinkle care, a choice for all skin types. It will leave
your skin feeling moisturized and bright, along with evening out skin tone and cool blemish.

Anti Stress Aroma Facial


Reconnect with nature, spirit and self with this deluxe facial based on the ancient and influential art of Aromatherapy. Complete with relax facial muscle, help to eliminate fine line and sleek skin texture; contains soothing agents to relieve & calm irritate skin.

Customized Deep cleansing facial 60min|USD16

A purifying treatment for any skin type that soothes and refine as it balance regulate oily skin. Absorbs excess oil with deep cleansing efficacy, Removes
surface dead cells & impurities, Smooth out skin, pores are less visible and nourish the skin.

Body wrap treatment


Rejuvenating nail, a scalp massage releases tension in the forehead
and scalp areas, stimulating mental function. It is also a great way to
help the circulation of four element to relax, rejuvenate, revitalize,
regenerate flow of harmonization in the body.

Head & Neck massage

30min-USD10 | 45min-USD14

A head massage can help relieve headaches caused by stress. To relieve the tension, you will receive extra attention to the base of the skull, near the hairline, because tension often accumulates in that area. Often also the forehead and temples are included. After session it will leave you complete sense of increased circulation to the head, promotion of healthy hair grow, and promot better sleep.

Stress Relief Scalp

30min-USD10 | 45min-USD14

Tension is felt within the head and neck, so scalp massage can be very much effective as a tress reducer. Worm coconut oil is used to massage and nourish throughout the scalp as a hair care and to relax tight muscles in the temple and neck.

Rejuvenating Spa Manicure


Nail trimming, cuticle removal, aromatic soak & scrub, and a relaxing han d massage. Session end with a choice of polish.

Rejuvenating Spa Pedicure


Nail trimming, cuticle remover, citrus footbath, citrus scrub, Tension Relief Foot Massage. Session end with a choice of polish.

Express Pedicure


The feet are first soaked in a warm salt bath.Thereupon nails are trimmed , shaped and buffed, cuticle are out, heals are scrubbed (No polish)

Express Manicure


Includes buff, shaped, cuticle trimmed there are also exfoliation forearm hand massage. (No Polish)

Body wrap treatment


The rich tradition of the Shanti Spa has inspired a collection of treatments and packages highlighting four element regenerate harmonization of inner flow – in manifestation – muscle relax, body nourish and detox and strengthen the radian healthy skin glow.

Anti-Cellulite & Relaxing Package 2hrs|USD35

Body tone & tighten, reverse sun damage & hydrating skin, protect against free radicals, restore aging skin and brightens complex.

The Package Includes

  • Organic Coffee / Coconut Body Scrub
  • Organic Coffee Powder, Epsom salt / Coconut Body Wrab
  • Detox relaxing Massage

Honeymoon Indulgence Experience Package 2hrs / 30min|USD40

This package is especially designed for two person which is perfect for honeymooner/couple. With especially aroma oil which is said to to have aroma of love. Spend your time with your love one.

Package Includes

  • Jasmine Rice Body Scrub
  • Aromatic Deeep Tissue Massage for him
  • Relaxing Swedish Massage for her
  • Anti Stress Aroma Facial Massage

 Soothing Sunburn Package

2hrs /30min|USD40

The treatment is sure to relax and nuture your skin from head to toes! Renew your skin with a stimulating body exfoliation. Then relax as expert therapist treats you a relaxing com-bination massage.

The Package Includes

  • Coconut body scrub
  • Relaxing Coconut Oil body massage
  • Stress Relief Scalp Massage
  • Organic Face Masque

Traditional Khmer Experience Package 2hrs|USD35

Traditional Khmer is an old customs of beauty care. That is make from natural herbs and other medicine to give them a beautiful look. The benefit of this package is to purify & tone,Re-energizing, relief body ache & pain and clear circulation stagnation.

The Package Includes

  • Organic Herbal Salt Scrub / Organic Herbal Body Wrab
  • Traditional Khmer Massage / Swedish Massage
  • Organic face treatment

Express Pedicure


The feet are first soaked in a warm salt bath.Thereupon nails are trimmed , shaped and buffed, cuticle are out, heals are scrubbed (No polish)

Express Pedicure


The feet are first soaked in a warm salt bath.Thereupon nails are trimmed , shaped and buffed, cuticle are out, heals are scrubbed (No polish)